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Who We Are


Matt Baker

Lighting Designer


Danielle Baker

Office Manager

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Mike Grace

Alpha Landscaping



Turf Technician


Paul Deardurff

Operations Manager

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Marco Martinez

Residential Maintenance

Our Story

From a young age, Matt Baker showed an interest in lights. His parents can remember him asking for lights and extension cords for his birthday and Christmas as well as constantly begging them to take him to see local light shows in the community. With the wishes of creating his own light show, mixed with the reality of how expensive the equipment would be, Matt began thinking of ways to earn money in order to fund his dream.


The next two summers were spent mowing lawns as a way to earn money in order to purchase programming kits, lights, and professional equipment. Matt was able to set up a small display at his family home on the corner of Manchester Street and Foxhill Road. After many hours of working, researching, and programming, Matt’s dream became a reality when residents of Manchester Court pitched the idea of having a display with the cul-de-sac. In 2012 the Manchester Court Holiday Lights Show was born. The show consisted of 10,000 lights and 32 channels of computer animation, Matt was humbled and inspired by the outpouring of support he received from the community and knew this was the beginning of a tradition. 

Every year donations are collected and given to an organization in the Naperville community. The Manchester lights Show has raised funds for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Naperville Area Humane Society, Toys for Tots, Corey’s Goal, and the Alive Center.

What started as a way to earn money grew into Brookdale Landscaping Inc. while his interest in lights turned into a passion for creating the Manchester Court Holiday Light Show. 

The show and business now play a huge part in Matt’s life as well as his family and the community. In 2018, his company help to develop Lake County’s first drive-thru lighting experience. In 2020 Manchester Lights welcomed over 40,000 visitors and raised over $15,000 for Naperville-based, Alive Center. In 2020 Manchester Lights outgrew it original location and Matt went on to co-found Reindeer Road. The new lighting experience debuted on December 1st of 2021 and featured the world's largest reindeer. In 2023, Brookdale Lighting was re-branded to LIGHTVILLE and Baker partnered with American Christmas to expand the holiday lighting company. 

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