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Terms of Service

This document pertains to your quote or agreement from Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. for the year 2020 within the
Illinois jurisdiction. This document is an agreement between Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. and those who approve
our quotes sent to you via email (Jobber) or text. 
For questions regarding this document, please email us at:


Service Agreement

The Client shall be responsible for the removal of any objects e.g. toys, furniture, pet waste, rubbish etc. that will
hinder the Contractor in performing under this agreement. The Client shall keep all pets secured inside a building or
fenced area and shall keep people away from the Contractor's area of work for the safety of all parties concerned
whilst the Contractor is performing services.

The Client shall notify the Contractor in writing of any plants or damages within 72 hours that are particularly rare
or are a collector's item and their approximate replacement costs. The Contractor reserves the right not to perform
any services in close proximity to such plants.
The Client need not be present during service calls and hereby grants permission to Brookdale Landscaping, Inc,
Your Neighbors Landscaper or third party sub-contractors and shall facilitate entry to access the property listed on
your quote/account when daylight is present for the ability to work. Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. needs to be
notified within 72 hours prior to service of changes in location or property ownership.
The Contractor shall not be held liable for damage to items on or below the lawn surface which are not clearly
visible or marked such as cables, wires, pipes or sprinkler components.
The Contractor shall be liable for damage caused to plants if such damage was caused by willful negligence or
improper operation of equipment. Liability shall be limited to the
replacement of the plant by the Contractor.
The Client shall not be liable for any damage to the Contractor's equipment or any injury or illness sustained by the
Contractor and his/her employees or sub-contractors or a 3rd party in
the performance of this service and the Client shall be indemnified against all claims arising from such damage or
injury or illness.

The Contractor shall not be liable for the poor health or lack of performance of turf or plants beyond the scope of the
service(s) contracted for, or in any event where the Client does not
provide appropriate or proper care for turf or plants.
Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. is not responsible for printer’s errors made in any of Brookdale Landscaping, Inc.’s
publications and other forms
of printed matter. All such errors are subject to correction.
By accepting this agreement, you permit Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. to perform the services indicated above with
Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. chosen equipment and materials, unless specified otherwise in written notice. This
agreement permits Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. to charge the stored card on file for each service completed and the
client to receive an emailed receipt of each transaction. Failure to pay for the services completed listed above unless
specified will terminate this contract.
Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. does not act as an agent of the Property- Management or Owner (s).
Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. will replace or pay for any damages (those reported with 72 hrs.) or injuries due by
neglect or mowing service activity, directly related to.
Brookdale Landscaping, Inc. is not responsible for delays caused by acts of God or events beyond its control,
vandalism or improper operations of systems not under our maintenance (Irrigation).

Storm Damages and debris from acts of God (drought, hurricanes, heavy winds, tornadoes, freezes and other acts of
nature) are not the responsibility of Brookdale Landscaping. An option, at extra charges, other than the designated
charge due to clean-ups, can be determined and given a written estimate to the customer. If the customer does not
wish to pay these extra charges as described in the paragraph, owners may remove the debris themselves before the
next service visit.
Any request made by the client shall be subject to additional billing and terms.
It is Brookdale Landscaping's philosophy to avoid all legal proceedings and actions if at all possible. However, if
legal proceedings,If a lawsuit or other proceeding arises from a dispute over any terms of this agreement or its
performance, the losing party will pay the winning party all the cost it causes the winning party to incur, including
reasonable attorney fees at any court level. If a court holds that any of its terms is invalid or unenforceable, the rest
of the agreement will continue in full force and effect. Upon Cancellation Compensation for All Services will be
pro-rated in conjunction with the work performed between First & Last Day of Service Agreement adjustments
submitted with final bill.

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