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(630) 357-6137
(630) 357-6137

Welcome to Brookdale Landscaping 

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Holiday Lighting 

  • Residential Displays 

  • Commercial Displays

  • Interior Displays

  • Greenery 

  • Municipal Displays

  • Custom Holiday Lighting

  • All-Inclusive Service

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Landscaping Services

  • Mulch Installation

  • Clean Ups

  • Planting 

  • Aeration & Overseeding

  • Garden Service 


The Brookdale Difference

We are not your ordinary landscaping company.  We strive to be a local ‘boutique’ service provider that places an emphasis on communication, community and of course, care.


Here’s what makes us unique:


  • We have dedicated customer service, team members.

  • We provide a convenient, worry-free payment system.

  • Clients have 24/hr access to their online client portal

  • We hire locally and provide year-round employment.  

  • Our staff is always uniformed as a guest on your property.

  • We give back to our community through donations, events & volunteering


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Call: (630) 475-4168

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